The Haunting of Potters’ Field

October 2011

The dramatically told stories of brave and noble people who nonetheless died poor and alone and who ended up buried as paupers in Potters’ Field. Their histories were brought to life by talented actors, musicians and dancers. The work was performed at the Historic Masonic Theatre in Winona in October of 2011. Abbreviated performances were also done at the Winona Middle School and at Winona High School. The producing entity was Theatre du Mississippi in collaboration with the Winona County Historical Society. Approximately 1,100 people saw the production.


Allison DeNio Director
Betsy Neil Music Director
Alex Jung Lighting Designer
Margaret Shaw Johnson Playwright
John Edstrom Poet
Kyle Dobreynski & Angela Crutcher Artists


Claire Richards Lenore
Brian Schellinger Edgar
Marshall Goetz Vincent
Jarod Boltjes Ethereal Dancer
Skylar Templeton Kleines Mädchen
Kaia Hamilton Ihre ältere schwester


Betsy Neil fiddle
Rick Sampson guitar, banjo, mandolin, Native American flute
Jim Reineke mandolin, clawhammer banjo
Brian Schellinger vocals, guitar
Kelly McGuire piano
Cindy Johnson cello
Morgan Gish vocals
David Echelard vocals, accordion
Nancy Edstrom Bachler piano
Suzanne Cooley accordion
Andy Smith erhu
Mike Bird guitar, vocals
Original music composed for this work by
Brian Schellinger and Dr. Kelly McGuire