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We are an independent publishing business featuring the works of author and playwright Margaret Shaw Johnson and showcasing the work of other writers and artists in the Winona, Minnesota region.

The Haunting Of Potter's Field
Stories from the Past, Unearthed from the Grave

Written by Margaret Shaw Johnson
Illustrated by Jared Tuttle

Raven Point Press' debut book was published in August of 2021.

Originally written as a performance piece, The Haunting Of Potter's Field was produced in Winona in 2012 featuring local actors, dancers, musicians and original music composed for the work. It is a series of stories about 19th and early 20th century Winonans who worked hard to achieve the American Dream. But the obstacles they faced proved to be too much and they failed, dying poor, often alone and ending up buried in Potter’s Field in Woodlawn Cemetery. Their stories are compelling, often sad but sometimes heartwarming and humorous. Click here for complete details about The Haunting Of Potter's Field.

Margaret Shaw Johnson, author and playwright, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and William Mitchell College of Law. She served as a trial court judge in Minnesota's Third Judicial District for twenty-one years. Her experience gives her a unique understanding of the hardships and struggles of ordinary people, and her heartfelt compassion — and realization that fate can undo any of us — shows in her storytelling.

Illustrator Jared Tuttle, a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and design, is a freelance illustrator and designer who specializes in illustration, branding, and packaging. His style is diverse, ranging from classical influences to magical realism and anything in between and beyond.