Fiends, Schemes and Broken Dreams

October 2012

Winona was a wild & wooly place in the late 19th century! Thieves, fraudsters and scoundrels of every stripe showed up here, eager to bilk our citizens and newly arrived immigrants of their hard-earned cash! Their stories are told by gifted actors, dancers and musicians. In this work, a fictional frame story written by Margaret Shaw Johnson is supplemented by mostly true stories of crime and debauchery written by a number of contributing writers. The work, produced by Theatre du Mississippi, was performed at the Historic Masonic Theater in October 2012. The show was attended by approximately 600 people.

Contributing Writers:

Lynn Nankivil A Woman Possessed!
Emilio DeGrazia EYE-O-WAH
Margaret Shaw Johnson Frame Story and Murder Will Out
Mark Metzler A Beautiful Liar
Dan Munson Gamblers at the Encampment
Fran Edstrom The Canton Window Mystery
Ken McCullough The Infamous Reverend Whitcomb
Kathy Peterson Matrimonial Difficulties


David Coral Director
Betsy Neil Music Director
Terry Golden Stage Manager
Caroline Stringer Artist
Margaret Shaw Johnson Poet


Brian Schellinger The Troubadour
Marshall Goetz J.R. Williams
Claire Richards Elinor Williams
Daryl Lanz John Statts
Ray Felton Papa Joe Statts
Jeff Lueck Horace Dibble
Dan Barr Eli


Brian Schellinger guitar, harmonica, vocals
Dan Barr piano
Betsy Neil fiddle, vocals
Mike Bird guitar, cello, vocals
Rick Sampson banjo, mandolin, vocals
Original music composed for this work by
Brian Schellinger and Betsy Neil